RF Civil War

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EXPRate= x200

PT Skills: GM

Drop Rate= x30

MinningSpeed= x32

AnimusRate= x1000

*Server rate will be updated once we are live.*

Drop List:


Flym - Class Redefine Capsules

Wing - Perf Elems


Brutal - Level 40 type C Weapons

Hook Brutal- Level 39 Int Armors

AB - Level 40 JP, Level 40 Leon Weapons

Cragmine Area:

CHIP - HDH Boxes, Unsealed Relics, Level 50 Perf Leons, and T5 Exchanger

Earth Quaker - T4 Gems

Lazhurdian Warrior - Type A, B, C Excel

Sette Dessert:

Bulky Lunker - All Talics (Level 20 - 27 chars)


AB Ether - Level 50 JP all races

Passer Alpha - Level 45 Int Shield aand 45 Int Armors

passer Beta - Level 47 Int Shields and Level 50 Type C armors

Calliana's - Gli's (currency)

Volcanic Cauldoron:

Giant Baba - talics (keen,mercy,grace,darkness,favor,restoration)

Infernal Draco - talics (Mercy, Grace, Darkness)

Humbaba - All talics

kurr - restoration Talics

Project servers
Name Type Version Rates Online
Golden Age PvP x200 500
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